Which main records were made at Bristol Motor Speedway?

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I want to know that which records were made at Bristol Motor Speedway. Please share what you know!

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  1. James Augustus

    • Overall fastest lap: Sammy Swindell, 13.860 s (138.442 mph) 2000
    • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Qualifying: Ryan Newman, 14.908 s (128.709 mph), 2003
    • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race (500 laps): Charlie Glotzbach, 2 h 38 min 12 s (101.074 mph), July 11, 1971
    • NASCAR Nationwide Series Qualifying: Greg Biffle, 15.093 s (127.132 mph), 2004
    • NASCAR Nationwide Series Race (300 laps): Kyle Busch, 2:13:59 (71.606 mph), March 25, 2006
    • NASCAR Nationwide Series Race (250 laps): Harry Gant, 1 h 26 min 2 s (92.929 mph), April 4, 1992
    • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying: Ken Schrader, 15.118 s (126.922 mph), 2004
    • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race (200 laps): Travis Kvapil, 1 h 12 min 1 s (88.813 mph), August 20, 2003
    • NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Qualifying: Justin Bonsignore, 14.835 s (129.343 mph), 2010
    • ASA Late Model Series Qualifying: Justin Larson, 15.147 s (126.678 mph), 2008
    • On August 25 of 2008 at the Sharpie 500, Bristol Motor Speedway set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Card Stunt performed at one time. The stunt was performed by the NASCAR fans who attended the event during the National Anthem. The stunt started with an American Flag that covered the entire stands during the National Anthem and was then followed by another stunt which was an advertisement for a Sprint Nextel Fan Sweepstakes.
    • On March 25, 2007, the first race featuring NASCAR's new car design, the "Car of Tomorrow" (COT) was run at Bristol Motor Speedway. Jeff Gordon won the first ever pole award in a Car of Tomorrow, and Kyle Busch won the race, becoming the first winner in the COT.
    • Bristol Motor Speedway is a true amphitheatre being completely enclosed by seating, able to hold 165,000 people, also making it the largest in the world. Roman Colosseum seating capacity was 50,000 people, and the Circus Maximus, a hippodrome, could accommodate an estimated 250,000 spectators.

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