Which is the head quarters of Mumbai police?

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I have to write all the details regarding Mumbai police. I want to know Which is the head quarters of Mumbai police and what are its duties and responsibilities?

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  1. Guest23256528

     The Mumbai Police (also renowned as Brihanmumbai Police) is the policeman force of the town of Mumbai, India. It has the prime responsibilities of regulation enforcement and enquiry inside the restricts of Mumbai. The department's motto is "Sadrakṣaṇāya Khalanigrahaṇāya" "To defend the good and to penalize the evil". Althoughadvised one of the best policeman forces in the world for explaining high profile, high stakes misdeeds, Mumbaipoliceman is furthermore considered to be leveraged by localized politicians.
    It is headed by the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, who is usually an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. The present commissioner is Sanjeev Dayal. The head quarters of Mumbai policeman is The Office of Commissioner of Mumbai Police.
    • Duties and responsibilities of Mumbai police:
    • Surveillance on criminals.
    • Monitoring of records.
    • Beat patrolling, wireless and base patrolling, shock tests (Naka Bandis), combing procedures and raids
    • Manning ascertain mails
    • Participative policing at macro and micro grade through Mohalla Committees (system ofdistrict watch). Active engagement of NGOs.
    • System of preventive activity under the Criminal Procedure Code, Bombay Police Act, and other preventive legislations; exceptional care is taken of juvenile lawbreakers and atrocitiescontrary to lower parts, through focused cells.
    • Investigation and prosecution of offenders.
    o Maintenance of regulation and alignment throughout carnivals, elections, communal and communaldisturbances, natural calamities.
    o Maintenance of Internal Security: VIP security and contradict espionage.
    o Special Crime: White collar misdeed, ascertain on pharmaceutical misuse, extortion by gangsters,command over smuggling of arms, ascertain on gang activities.
    o Traffic Management : Mumbai is one of the most densely populated towns in the world. Despitediverse constraints, Mumbai Traffic Police is renowned all over the homeland for its technical andeffective administration of traffic.

  2. Travel Expert
    The head quarters of Mumbai police is The Office of Commissioner of Police

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