Which is better LCD or led

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I don�t know which one to buy, tell me is LCD better or LED?

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  1. James Augustus

    If you see different Features of LED and LCD television screens, you will find that LED has better picture quality as compared to LCD TV.
    LED means Light Emitting Diodes which is made of liquid crystal gel for the screen.
    Whereas LCD means liquid crystal display which is made of a thin liquid-crystal gel placed between two glass panels. Both LCD and LED TVs are in the shape of flat panels. LCD is separated into many pixels through a network of wires; each pixel shifts 90 degrees to face one panel or the other. Fluorescent lampare used in LCD whereas hundreds or thousands of the light diodes are utilized inLED screen to produce picture for viewers. one diode is equal to One Pixel.
    LED is the latest technology and It gives superior picture quality as compared to LCD. The LED screen takes more time than LCD that means long time capable and it gives the same result as direct viewing if you watch the television screen by side view. These TVs consume less energy. These TV screens have fast motion, better color palette and contrast ratio and length of viewing angle as compared to other conventional TVs. But most of the edge-lit LED TV has poor picture quality. However, LCD TVs are cheaper than LED TVs. According to PC world report, LCD TV average cost is twenty percent less than an LED TV having same specs and size.
    I have provided you the detail about the main differences between LCD and LED. Now it is up to you that which one you like to buy, a TV that has better picture quality or a TV that costs less. Now choice is yours. Good Luck!

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