Which is better? Club penguin Moshi Monsters or Bin weevils?

by Guest21211862  |  10 years ago

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you cant vote for two or three,vote for your favourite

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  1. Guest28106722

    Bin weevils is 100% better than club penguin. Club penguin is the worst game on earth and moshi monsters ok.

  2. Guest28088160





  3. Guest28077727

    I fink it is club penguin I am member.


  4. Guest28074481

    definitely moshi monsters

    club penguin is also good

    but binweevils sucks


    moshi monsters 100/100

    club penguin 95/100

    binweevils - 100000/100

  5. Guest28063140

    binweevils is better than club penguin and moshi monsters.

    moshi monsters is rubbish. so is club penguin

  6. Guest28058293

    binweevils sucks and moshi monsters and club penguin rocks.binweevils copied them.really!!!

  7. Guest28051613

     xDeffantly binweevils!  Here's my Cp account Name:Funny kids1 Password:aaronandjulia

  8. Guest27856354

    Online gaming test results

    Club penguin A+

    Moshi Monsters F-

    Bin Weevils F-

  9. Guest27303407


    club penguin

  10. Guest26014103

    Bin weevils 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


  11. Guest25034868

    moshi moshi is awsome and im a meber add me user:maymago password:flowercup123

  12. Guest24996811

    i think moshi monsters its the best

  13. lyls97

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    ???????????DOWNLOAD L?NK
    ???????????D?RECT L?NK
    ???????????S?NGLE L?NK
    ???????????NO PASSWORD
  14. Guest24923685

    guess what im letting you in to a little secret now lest get started my binweevil member but the real word for member on binweevils is tycoon username:supertazze. and my password:super. have fun and just because i said its fun it dosent mean you wont like it. you will now no my  moshi monster account username:santa12233.password:horrid enjoy but warning non member but never mind still good.

  15. lyls96r

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    ???????????DOWNLOAD L?NK
    ???????????D?RECT L?NK
    ???????????S?NGLE L?NK
    ???????????NO PASSWORD
  16. Guest24919959

    why does nearly everyone of my mates go on moshi monsters

    because bin weevils and club penguin are f***n s**t

  17. Guest24214833

     any moshi monsters fan is g*y

  18. Guest24210720

     moshi monsters sucks so shut ur stupid mouths you pooheads moshi pooheads fans moshi monsters sucks club penguin and bin weevils is the best anyone who hates bin weevils and club penguin and loves moshi monsters get a life and fall of a cliff and on moshi monsters theres nothing to do but take care of a stupid monster all day and u cant even speak and everyone on moshi stupid f*cking monsters everyone is mean and stupid and the creaters of moshi monsters are full of s**+* and the monsters on moshi monsters and the pepole on moshi monsters are b*tches i dont care if im swearing because i hate moshi monsters and its name and graphix suck if you love club penguin and bin weevils and hate moshi monsters then copy and paste this onto everything called club penguin vs moshi monsters or moshi monsters vs bin weevils or moshi monsters vs bin weevils vs club penguin to stop these f*cking g*y moshi monsters lovers

  19. Guest23940901

    1st bin weevils its the best 2nd club penguin it stinks 3rd moshi rubbish monsters its for babies it stinks

  20. Guest23332527

     I Think Bin Weevils Won First In The Top 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Vitual Worlds Yet

  21. Guest23325551

    Bin Weevils is the best by a mile!

  22. Guest23262036

    moshi rulezzzz ppl!!!! "but moshi monsters is rubbish" by guest21329660

    well guest21329660 ur SO wrong cos MOSHI RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

  23. Guest23136363

    moshi monsters is by far the best


    by lauren leigh lin by the way i am 9



  24. Guest23113894

    bin weevils is c**p

  25. Guest23102073

    moshie monsters i dont like as the name sounds babyiesh so i dont play it.

    i played club penguin and binweevils here the differences


    club penguin:

    more missions

    doesnt make everything for members!

    better games

    penguin quartie or something like that you can do snow ball fight and burn other plyers

    throw snowballs

    dig for hidden treasures

    no levels, everything available ( some things are for members ).

    can telephort anywhere when you become an epf agent!


    less missions

    bintycoons can only get pets


    unable to dig or telephort anywhere!

    only cares about cash!!!!

    i suggest club penguin! their more fun.

  26. Guest23052239

    i dont know y people r saying moshi monsters is rubbish and cr*p and s**t. Its great and i get 2 talk to my friends on it a lot. its fun especially when ur bored. I luv msohling and i extra luv lady googoo. Be my friend im sugarandspice2001

  27. Guest22920831

    all the people who says that binweevils or cp is s**t. get a life ! 

  28. Guest22914518

    1. club penguin

    2. moshi monsters

    1000000. binWEEvils

    yes i do mean its is 100000.  LOL

  29. Guest22889069

    1. binweevils beacuse u can actually do stuff without having to be member

    2. cp beacuse u can also do stuff. but not as much

    3. moshimonsters beacuse all u can do is puzzles and when u do become a member u cant really do anything either all u can do is buy a little more stuff and sent gifts to other people.

  30. Guest22861841

    moshimonsters is beter by far if UR on cp of bin your a nub

  31. Guest22860836

    1. Club penguin (Its Super Cool!)

    2. Bin Weevils (Because its fun!)

    - 2000 Moshi monsters (Its for babies!)

  32. Guest22833480

    bin weevils by milllllllllllllllllllllllessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  33. Guest22820226


  34. Guest22813234

    bin wwweevils 1 bye 10000000000000000000000000000000000   dont get me wrong put it is awsome show fer 2 clup penguin i hate it put moshi monster stinks 3 u gueesed it

  35. Guest22757310

    i just cant deside wich one there all good but the only thing rong with moshi monsters is u cant speak outside u can only send mesages to ur frends and u cant play with pepole and the only thing with club penguin is u have to have a membership to buy stuff nothing rong with bin weevils

  36. Guest22755273
    1.  Football.
    2. Club Penguin
    3. Moshi Monsters
    4. Binweevils
    5. Youtube
    6. Looks - Good . Com
    7. Rune Scape
  37. Guest22728844

    Binweevils is s**t and i mean s**t even though  im a level 60 on it Really. Club Penguin is c**p Plus s**t unless your a Member the Member is the best. And Moshi Monsters is s**t Because all you can do is about one thing Is like a puzzle and if your a member its still s**t, c**p and one of the worst Game EVER. I beleive whats the best is non because the s**t

  38. Guest22728736

    Moshi monsters first and club penguin and binweevils are ANNOYING I mean if you like them well what can i say you have no sence of huma

  39. Guest22727121

    Hmm, First comes club penguin, dont get me wrong, it is quite expensive but once you are a member, ou can do loads of things, but if you are not a member, it is really really boring. Second is Moshi monsters. I dont know how much it costs to become a member but i know what you can do if you are member, you can send gifts, you can have oshling zoo, you can go to the underground disco,etc. But if your not a member, its not that bad. You can still have moshlings, you can  go into shops and buy stuff, etc. Binweevils... RUBBISH!!!! Well, it used to be good, but now its rubbish, they have completly copied moshi monsters but more rubbish and it is really unfair, you cant even buy a pet unless you are a member!!!!! POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  40. Guest22719784

    i luv moshi monsters my username is prettyflower101

  41. Guest22704311

    club penguin . moshi monsters is fubish and u have to stay the same colour the membership is dearer and binwevilz stinks

  42. Guest22699485

    binweevils wins by 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 club pengun is good for about ten minuts and moshi monsters are worst thing ever

  43. Guest22692203

    your binweevils says u can not go on it for 1 hour y is that? i think u have been swearing on it

  44. Guest22689500

    2nd club penguin its only good because of the secret service games are better than bin weevils 3rd moshi monsters moshi monsters is one of the worst games ever

  45. Guest22684672

    u lier that bin weevil thing didnt work tell me why..............................................................................

  46. Guest22678997

    i think bin weevils is better because on moshi monsters you cant speak to anyone you can only send mesages to your freinds but on bin weevils you can send mesages to your freinds and speak to anyone and you can make your bin weevil wich way you want but on moshi monsters can only chose a monster and it dos'nt let you creat your monster any way you want and you cant do alot on moshi monsters but on bin weevils you can do lots of stuff moshi monster is the rubish website ever 

  47. Guest22637483

    binweevles1st 2 clubpenguin 3 moshiemonsters is rubish i raver go on webkings

  48. Guest22580409


    1: CP

    2: BW

    10000000000000000000000: MM

  49. Guest22580409

    Club penguin rocks and so does bin weevils, MOSHI MONSTERS is RUBBISH!! Cp and bin weevils best by 10000 percent

  50. Guest22500308

     im on moshi monsters and bin weevils and club penguin bin weevils is so good club penuin i like it but you must be a member for every thing and moshi monsters i only collect moshlings and get freinds and another thing a  cant remember

  51. Guest22447532


  52. Guest22439890

    im same person who said abt the 1st binweevil 2nd moshi 3rd club penguin well  my user for binweevil is hasibul for moshi Januaryman and hasiman and on club penguin hasibul anyway Adios!

  53. Guest22401037

    Hi i play all of those here are true result

    1st place binweevils there are lots of member things but there loads of things for non-members aswell theres kwl games tv shows and you dont have to be a member to docorate a house binweevils is the best

    2nd club penguin its only good because the secret service and games are better than binweevils and moshi monsters

    3rd moshi monsters its the worst game ever dont play it trust me binweevils and club penguin are alot better moshi monsters is rubbish

  54. Guest22399473

    I Think that BinWeevils Is realy gud and im a member btw lol and so is clubpengin and im also a membah btw lol but moshi monsters is c**p!!! U cant even talk of anyfin!!! Its Honestly SHITT!! Omg If ur hinkin of playin on moshimonsters or eating your best mate go for eatin ur best mate lol !!

  55. Guest22390907

    1st  Binweevil becuz theyre is racing which i luv

    2nd moshi monsters becuz theyre not much to do but i luv improving my levels

    3rd becuz theyve got a  Dating parlor! (pizza parlor) and u need membership for nearly everything BTW IM FAMOUS ON BINWEEVIL MOULD ON THE 2BD TRACK OF WEEVIL WHEELS!

  56. Guest22389461

    Look-On binweevils you can decorate your house,on Club Penguin you cant unless your a member,Moshi Monsters,you can decorate your house but thers not enough room.So try binweevils-i know your in a bin and all that but just push yourself in and it will be good to you.Club penguin,well its a future question and Moshi Monsters also. P.S My name is crees on binweevils,Blue Duner on Club Penguin,and Moshi MONSTERS-KUTAMATA789 long live binweevils!!!

  57. Guest22383907

    Binweevils a million times!Club penguin is rubbish,everything you click on is members,parties are for members,this that,that this,MEMBERS...Moshi Monsters is OK but you always have to feed your monster and play with it-what,do they think im their kind of parent or something? BINWEEVILS-Fall in-Club penguin-go to the flippin dirtbox you live in-Moshi Monsters-your alive....

  58. Guest22382768

    i think bin weevils firstt club penguin second and moshi monsters is c**p

  59. Guest22362900


    moshi monsters is still good though bin weevils is soooo rubbish i don't know how you can loooove anything but club penguin!!!!!!!

  60. Guest22233382

    club penguin and moshi monsters are exactly alike adopt a pet get smaller pets lke moshlings and puffles  have membership feed your pet but in club penguin you feed your puffels both pay for food either for puffles or monsters on moshi monsters and if i had to choose one i coudnt decide 

  61. Guest21882583

    club penguin by farrrrrrrrr!!!Binweevils second moshi monsters is a load of ********** by the way my penguin is called train94 and his password is black no capitals or spaces feel 3 to get him banned?

  62. Guest21882583

    club penguin by farrrrrrrrr!!!

  63. Guest21658363

     moshi monsters is the best ever in the whole wide world club penguin and bin weevils is s**t

  64. Guest21571913
    i thin binweevils and moshi monsters
  65. Guest21406474
    i cant decide
  66. Guest21361253
    moshi monsters by far
  67. Guest21329660
    i think bin weevils is best by 100000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10 and if you dont agree then hm but moshi monsters is rubbish i prefere club penguin and any one who likes moshi monsters well then ur weird alright agree with me you have to. which do you like better email me on come on and if you like bin weevils here is a free acount that has a pet user-gstar09 pass-yumyum1 no space and enjoy.

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