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I have a question about the Comcast Remote codes coby. I have recently bought a new television set and I am looking for the complete list of Comcast remote codes coby. I would really appreciate if there could be someone who can tell me if there is any site where they could be located.

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  1. Harry

    For all the TV set holders who have just got a new television and they want to know how to re-program their remote control for the new TV. For this reason, here is something quite helpful which will make them know how to do the programming for their Comcast on-demand TV remote control, and this for sure will prove to be a rather easy process.
    1. Turn the TV ON.
    2. Find the codes listed below to the brand of your TV.
    3. On the remote, Press and Release the TV key.
    4. Press and hold in the SETUP key, until the TV key flashes twice, then release the SETUP key.
    5. Enter in the first 4-digit code found next to your brand using the number pad. The TV key will flash twice after the last number entered if this was done correctly.
    6. Aim the remote at your TV and press the Power Key. If the TV turns OFF, you have found the right code. If the TV does not turn OFF, repeat steps 3 through 6 using the next code listed for your Brand.
    The complete list of codes can be located on

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