Which country is the biggest supplier of cocaine?

by Don White  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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  1. Guest23344499

    Try and check other countries search engine. The biggest supplier to the US is Afghanistan. how they bring it to the US, ask the US army/gov!!!

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  3. Mitchel

    Colombia, is the largest cocaine exporter to the United States, Cocaine was first abstracted from coca in the 19th century. Since the 20th century, the consumption of non-medical anesthetic has increased fast. The abuse of cocaine has been serious. As the raw material to produce cocaine, coca is originated in Andean region in South America

  4. Guest11871012
    hey wut about peru dont they make the best cocaine and then send it to columbia for them to ship it?
  5. Guest11780003
  6. Global
    Biggest user of cocaine Cocaine has become the second most popular illegal recreational drug in the U.S. (behind marijuana)[77] and the U.S. is the world's largest consumer of cocaine[69]. Cocaine is commonly used in middle to upper class communities. It is also popular amongst college students, to aid in studying and as a party drug. The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) reported in 1999 that cocaine was used by 3.7 million Americans.
  7. Guest13165
    Colombia is the largest producer of cocaine (about 90% of the worldwide market) and its number one market in the world is United State of America. Colombia is provided millions of dollars in support from USA but Democrats the controllers of U.S congress want to cut the financial support; they believe Colombia is not doing enough. The propose aid cut of $110 million per year to Colombia has supporters on both side, some believe it’s the right thing to do and others equally believe cutting financial support would see more cocaine on the Street of U.S cities, which run at between 600 and 700 tones per year. "Our preliminary calculations show that we would have to reduce by one-third our coca eradication efforts, which would mean a corresponding increase in cocaine production," Santos said. "My message to the U.S. Congress is please don't weaken aid at this particular moment," Santos said at a news conference announcing a 9 percent cut in coca leaf production last year versus 2005, according to United Nations estimates. "It's like being on a diet," he said. "Losing the first kilos (pounds) is easy but last ones are difficult. That's the stage where we are now in the eradication of coca. To pull the rug out from under us would come at tremendous cost." Multibillion dollar cocaine trade funds an ongoing guerrilla war between the drug lords and the paramilitary who are guilty of some of the worst massacres and other atrocities of the war in Colombia.
  8. haseeb
    COLOMBIA is the country which is Producing the highest amount of cocaine and exporting it world wide.Revenue for this Buisness is above a 100000$ a week......
  9. adam
    i agree wd vallano, colombia is the biggest supplier of cocaine
  10. vallano
    Colombia. It has 90% export of cocaine.

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