Which country are visa free to nigerians?

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Which country are visa free to nigerians?

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  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, l wishes to say to all fellow Nigerian like, any free are not good for example singapore is free,seychelles is free that few l know but the point and fact remain , you don't rest of mind , in entries the country and inside the country of those so called free visas country , its better to go to a country with a visa than to go to free soon , where you will be restricted from having full access, for example ,l was in seychelles for holiday and l meet nigeria guys whom the migration for that country has been trying to trap down, l don't want to talk about the warm alarming reception they give me in the mahe international airport( really GOSH !!!!!) My little contribution and advice my brother and sister we got all we have in our country, we are rich, on a normal sense, if you got #500,000 to travel, and you travel and start hiding in a street for God know when you will make it, if you can actually invite the money wisely on a business , then you can make it wisely. We Nigeria we are despirate in all ways of making money, we think travelling aboard will make you buy the hammer you are been looking for, No my brother and sister, you can make it big time here ,use your head.we are bless and rich.VERY SOON $1 WILL BE EQUAL TO #1(ACCORDING TO THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT REGALATIONS, WHICH MEANS THERE WILL BE NO ROOM FOR YOU GUYS RETURE. EDUCATION IS THE BEST REMEDY,I AM A STUDENT BUT I CAN'T WASH DIRTY CLOTHES FOR ONE STUPID WHITE LADY OR MAN FOR SOME $$$.I AM A NIGERIA AND I AM PROUD OF MY NATIONALITY, GOD BLESS MY NATION FOR ME.DONT GO TO ANYCOUNTRY THAT IS FREE, ON THE POINT OF ENTRY THEY DECIDED TO GIVE 3DAYS ONLY OR 1WEEK OF 2WEEK AND AFTER THIS DAYS , THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO STAY ANYWHERE ELSE EXPECT HOTEL AND AFTER YOU HAVE FINISH SPENDING ALL YOUR B.T.A YOU CAME THERE WITH ,THEN YOU DONT ANY MORE MONEY AND THEY WILL NOT PRO-LONG YOUR STAY THEN , IF YOU DECIDED TO RUN AWAY FROM THEM , ITS VERY EASY TO GET YOU , ONE YOU DONT SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE , IN THE CASE OF YOU BEEN THE ONLY BLACK MAN IN THE MIDST OF THOUSAND OF WHITE MEN AND WOMAN , YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE , AND WHEN THEY GET YOU YOU WILL BROUGHT BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WITH SAME.DISCOVER YOUR TALENT IN NIGERIA, I HAVE BEEN TO ESTONIA,SEYCHELLES, KENYA ,ITALY,SWISS ,SINGAPORE AND LONDON WHERE I AM CURRENTLY STUDYING .TAKE MY ADVANCE AND IF YOU WANT REALLY TO TRAVELL ABOARD , YOU CAN GET A STUDY VISA FOR ANY COUNTRY AND YOU WILL LIVE LIKE A KING IN THAT COUNTRY.BUT DONT SAY THIS PERSON MADE IT IN ABOARD AND YOU MUST GO THERE , THERE ARE SO MANY NIGERIA WHICH I SAW IN ALL THOSE COUNTRIES I HAVE MENTIONED ABOVE , WHO CAN'T COME BACK HOME , THEY REMAIN IN THOSE COUNTRY ALL IN THE NAME ," SAY MAKE MY PEOPLE SAY I DEY ABAORD AND THE GUY IS ACTUALLY DIEING IN SILENT "NO WORK PERMIT , NO RESIDENCE PERMIT, YOU KNOW THEIR STUDY RULES AND REGULATIONS.IN NIGERIA I AM A FREE MAN , THAT REQUIRES NO CAMARE MONITORING ME IN THE STREET.,EVERY NIGERIA

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