Which channel is broadcasting live royal Wedding of Kate and Prince Williams?

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I cannot excess English channels on my TV due to some frequency problem in my Television, so I want to know which channel in USA is broadcasting live Royal wedding ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

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  1. Xpert

     Here is the list of TV channels in USA who are broadcasting live Royal wedding ceremony of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. You can also access the live video stream over the internet
    BBC America's coverage of the royal wedding will begin at 3 am on April 29
    NBC universal announces its broadcast plans for the royal wedding
    PBS is broadcasting live wedding coverage from Westminster church Abbey
    CNN is broadcasting live royal wedding coverage from Westminster church Abbey at 3 AM
    ITC has announced the live broadcast of Royal marriage from Westminster Abbey
    Sky news is covering the minute by minte update of Royal wedding
    Nine network is also broadcasting live updates on Royal marriage if Prince Williams and kate Middleton.
    ABC is also providing live coverage on Prince Williams and Kate Middleton Wedding.

    Moreover many online sites are breadcasting live royal wedding footage on internet the list of online sites are given below.

    Youtube - The global media event that will be the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29 will also be a global internet event as the ceremony will be broadcast live on YouTube.
    Official channel of the royal family - The wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton wedding will be broadcast live over the Internet through the official channel of the royal family.
    For more information please write down your query regarding to the royal wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.


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