Which area of Japan is affected by tsunami on 11th March 2011?

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I heard a news about massive earthquake struck Japan on 11th March 2011 causes tsunami. Can someone tell me the details of affected areas due to Tsunami in Japan?

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  1. Mitchel

    The earth quake jolts were felt in the Northeastern Japan, in the Fukushima prefecture of Japan. While the coastal city of Soma, Fukushima, was wiped off by the massive tsunami. However, Tokyo prefecture is 200 miles away from the epicenter and inland, therefore Tokyo city was safe from the disaster of tsunami.

  2. Guest22919722

     is Saitama Affected by the tsunami?

  3. Guest22889382

     is ibaraki, koga affected by tsunami?

  4. Guest22888964

    If you are able to post these questions then you have internet, access -  go to one of the news sites.  or they all have extensive coverage otherwise just do a search for "areas in Japan affected by tsunami" on one of the search engines.

  5. Guest22888800

    OMG!!! I heard it too!! My sensei is in Gunmaken!

    We are from Hungary, the gakusei. We just hope, the best..

  6. Guest22888697

    Is Hiroshima safe?

  7. Guest22888211

    is the shikoku island (kochi) affected?

  8. Guest22887919

     pls answer our questions.pls

  9. Guest22887812

    is chiba affected by the tsunami?

  10. Guest22887508

     is gunmaken included on the tsunami? i have sister there,,

  11. ZZ
    The area which comes on the northeast coast of Japan are all hit the the Earthquake of 8.9 Magnitude. Tsunami waves are also hitting the Northeast coast of Japan.The quake triggered a 13ft tsunami which hit Japan's coast at Senda.

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