Which are upcoming Samsung mobiles in Pakistan?

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I heard there are someone new cellphones being launched by samsung in Pakistan, is it true? I want to know more about it.

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  1. Guest23160199
    Upcoming Samsung mobiless in Pakistan The upcoming Samsung mobiless in Pakistan are listed below 1. 1. Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini 2. Samsung Galaxy I500 3. Samsung E3210 4. Samsung Optimus 3D 5. Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL 6. Samsung C3730C 7. Samsung A200K 8. Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 9. Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin 10. Samsung Galaxy S 4G 11. Samsung Galaxy Suit S5670 12. Samsung Galaxy Ace 13. Samsung Galaxy Mini S5830 14. Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone 15. Samsung i997 Infuse 4G 16. Samsung W899 17. Samsung Transform 18. Samsung Mesmerize i500 19. Samsung R360 Freeform II 20. Samsung M130K Galaxy K 21. Samsung Galaxy S Femme 22. Samsung I8330 23. Samsung Xcove 24. Samsung Galaxy Teos 25. Samsung S3503 26. Samsung A736

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