Which are the tributaries and waterways of Sydney Harbour?

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I want to know that Which are the tributaries and waterways of Sydney Harbour? Can someone tell me about this.

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  1. Australia Guide
    Tributaries and waterways of Sydney Harbour:  Tank Stream is a fresh water course which empties into Sydney Cove. Today it is little more than a storm water drain but originally it was the fresh water supply for the fledgling colony of New South Wales in the late 18th century. It originated from a swamp to the west of present day Hyde Park and at high tide entered Sydney Cove at the intersection ofBridge and Pitt Streets.  Middle Harbour is the northern arm of Sydney Harbour. It begins as a small creek (Middle Harbour Creek) at St Ives Chase[7]. It joins Port Jackson between the two headlands, Middle Head and Grotto Point Reserve, adjacent to the Sydney Heads.  Iron Cove Creek is located in the inner-western suburbs of Croydon, Ashfield, Haberfield and Five Dock. Iron Cove Creek traverses mostly through residential areas and parkland, making a two kilometer journey from where it surfaces in Croydon to where it empties along with Hawthorne Canal into Iron Cove, which is a bay of the Parramatta River.  Duck River a tributary of the Parramatta River entering at Silver water is fed by two creeks, Duck Creek and A'Beckett Creek. It drains localties around the suburbs of Silver water and Auburn and was named in light of the large population of ducks which inhabit the stream.  Parramatta River is the main tributary of Sydney Harbour, a branch of Port Jackson. The river begins at confluence of Toongabbie Creek and Darling Mills Creek west of Parramatta and travels in an easterly direction to a line between Greenwich Point, Greenwich, and Robinsons Point, Birchgrove. Here it flows into Port Jackson, still about 21 km from the ocean.[8].  Lane Cove River is a tributary of the Parramatta River, its lower reaches form an arm of Sydney Harbour. The lower reaches of the Lane Cove River are tidal and merge into Sydney Harbour at Greenwich and Hunters Hill.  Johnstons Creek is located in the inner-western suburbs of Glebe, Annandale, Forest Lodge and Stanmore. It rises in Stanmore and flows in a generally northward direction towards Rozelle Bay. The creek passes beneath the stands of Harold Park Paceway prior to emptying into Rozelle Bay at Bicentennial Park Glebe. Orphan School Creek is a tributary of Johnstons Creek.

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