Which are the series of Jaguar XJ?

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We are looking for some information about the series of Jaguar XJ. Please anyone of you let me know about all series of Jaguar XJ. We have tried but can’t find it on internet.

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  1. Duke

    Jaguar XJ is the designation that has been utilized for a sequence of luxury saloon cars sold under the British Jaguar marquee. The first XJ was commenced in 1968 and the designation has been utilized for successive Jaguar flagship models since then. The initial model was the last Jaguar saloon to have had the input of Sir William Lyons, the company's founder.
    Series I: The XJ6, utilizing 2.8 liter (2790 cc/170 in³) and 4.2 liter (4235 cc/258 in³) straight-six cylinder versions of Jaguar's renowned XK engine, restored most of Jaguar's saloons – which, in the 1960s, had amplified to four distinct ranges. Apart from the motors, the other major constituent conveyed over from preceding forms was the broadest type of Jaguar's IRS unit from the Mark X.

    Series II: The Series II forms were renowned for their poor construct value, which was attributed to Jaguar being part of the British Leyland assembly along with huge work amalgamation relatives difficulties that inundated most of developed England in the identical time time span, and to difficulties inherent in the conceive of certain Lucas-sourced components. A total of 91,227 Jaguar XJ Series II forms were made and 14,226 of them with the V12 engine.

    XJ Coupe: The coupé was founded on the short-wheelbase type of the XJ. The coupé's elongated doorways were made out of an elongated benchmark XJ front doorway (the weld seams are apparently evident under the central panels where two front doorway seashells were grafted simultaneously with a lone outside skin). All coupes came with a vinyl top covering as standard. Since the coupe needed B-pillars, the top covering flexed sufficient that decorate utilized by Jaguar at the time would evolve cracks.

    Series III: There were three motor variants, encompassing the 5.3L V12, the 4.2L directly 6 and 3.4L directly 6. The bigger 6-cylinder, and V12 forms integrated Bosch fuel injection (made under permit by Lucas) while the lesser 6-cylinder was carbureted. The lesser 3.4L 6-cylinder motor was not suggested in the U.S. 132,952 Series III vehicles were constructed, 10,500 with the V12 engine.

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