Which are the accessories of Jaguar XF?

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My brother has promised me to buy one Jaguar XF for me and I am very much excited about it. Please tell about some accessories of Jaguar XF which make it look more beautiful.

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  1. uroojsaba

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  2. Duke

    There is a wide range of accessories available for Jaguar XF, which can be fitted by a Jaguar dealer.
    This Jaguar branded finisher enhances the XF boot area. The finisher is made from stainless steel, has a brushed finish with bright highlights and adds aesthetic appeal as well as scuff protection.
    These elegantly styled aluminum sill tread plates illuminate when the driver and passenger doors are opened. They are highlighted by soft Phosphor blue lighting, the front doors.
    This pedal kit has been designed to fit securely over the existing pedals of the XF. Made from stainless steel and rubber they offer a unique and contemporary look.
    The cigarette lighter is located in the centre console and the foremost cup holder is converted into the ash receptacle. The single cup holder is retained and the smaller holder is converted into a useful storage space. The product is enhanced further with the addition of Phosphor blue illumination. Image shown is 08/09MY. A revised pack is also available for 10.5MY and 11MY vehicles.
    Luxurious, tailored 780 g/m2 pile front and rear carpet mat set with embossed Jaguar logo and nubuck edge binding. Easy to fit and remove. The premium mats provide a well appointed finishing touch to the interior. Available in the following colors:
    • Flint mat with Warm Charcoal edge and Ivory logo
    • Oyster mat with Ivory edge and Ivory logo
    • Barley mat with Truffle edge and Truffle logo
    • Truffle mat with Ivory edge and Ivory logo (not shown)
    • Flint mat with Spice edge and Spice logo (not shown)
    Jaguar branded hard wearing rubber mats. Provide added protection for your vehicle carpets.

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