Which Ply for what application?

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Hi there

I am a Safety Professional but I am with very little knowledge about tires and due to a Management decision, which is strictly made regarding the tires of our fleet vehicles, 1 ton trucks that haul bob-cat trailers all over the country to well sites off road on track leases and back. Similarly, the 1 ton trucks can haul up to 10,000 lb loads. The management has also using 10 ply tires and is being instructed to replace them with the less expensive special 4 ply tires. My concern for the driver and all those who could potentially be affected, I am looking for the technical manufactures data on how to know what is safe and what is not.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    Do not be confused. First of all it is all about load carrying capacity not plies.

    Every light vehicle sold in the US has a placard that indicates the original tire size and the proper inflation pressure for that size. That information equates to a load carrying capacity, and this should not be reduced without very careful consideration. So I suggest you start there.

    But 1 ton trucks typically have Load Range E tires, so called 10 ply tires. In fact, these tires do not have 10 actual plies typically it is 4 plies - 2 polyester and 2 steel belts.

    So you need to look for 2 things

    1) the vehicle placard and what it says there for size and inflation pressure.

    2) The new tire size and load range.

    Post back if you need help sorting this out.

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