Which Navy rating should i pick: IS or MM? I'm 34 with BSc in Chem Engr. No prior service.

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I'm 34yrs old with a BSc in Chemical Engineering. I'm not a US citizen, I have a greencard so I couldn't go OCS route. Got a 93 on ASVAB and enlisted. Shipdate Feb22. I got the undesignated rating "Seaman" going in as E3. I want to "Strike" right away and I'm trying to decide which rating I should pick: MM,IS,QM or BM? I'm thinking about both life after military or making navy a career. Which would be the best option for someone like me? Also, how realistic would it be for me to put in an OCS packet after RTC? Heard the cut off is 35. Any waivers? Thanks in advance for your response(s)

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     Bein in the Navy is a job for some and a passion for others. Chossing rating whole lot of times doesn't matter as only when you start your work is when you will know what it will be all about. Being engineer by a choice is the funnest job in the world, where people are depending on you to fix things. In navy imagine if the laundry was not fixed for a week, the entire ship will stink and who are you going to call "Us engineers". I was an female EN for 10 years before changing rates. so go with what your gut is telling you as you seem smart enough to begin with.

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