Where to buy Rothko, Pollack art work online?

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I am just beginning to enjoy artwork and love abstract expressionism, specifically Rothko, Pollack, etc. I would love to own that type of art but understand that even from lesser known people it can still be very expensive. I would like to buy a painting for my home and spend about $500 or so. Where can I find outlets for starving artists so I can slowly build a collection? I live in Clifton, New Jersey...which is only about 20 minutes from Manhattan. Are there locations there with good, affordable art? Thanks for your help, Kyle

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    Hello Kyle,

    You came to the right place. I own a gallery in High Bridge, NJ which has original art work priced from the low hundreds to low thousands. Currently we have about 40 pieces of art from 20 artists in a show that runs till mid November.

    Otherwise, I would suggest you visit street Art Fairs......Washington Square has a good one in late spring and late summer. Check the NYTimes on the web......and check areas like Hoboken and Jersey City........many artists live in these communities.
    You can go to these links where they are keeping the real art work of both artists.,
    They both were amazing artists and I love your choice and I hope you will find some good stuff from these websites.

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