Where is the best place to eat for a romantic dinner out in Kuala Lumpur?

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Where is the best place to eat for a romantic dinner out in Kuala Lumpur?

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  1. Mitchel

    If you are planning to have a romantic dinner  at some good, Kuala Lumpur restuarant, you should head straight to the following restuarants, as they are known for their romantic setting and environment:

    Look Out Point

    The Cave

    Hajime Japanese Restaurant

    Sky Bar @ traders Hotel

    Fullhouse, Lifestyle Store and Cafe



  2. Guest22486711

    ombak asmara. food quite nice. with live band dedicating 3 
    songs for us including our wedding song, candles on table and floor, 
    dimmed light, a lil bit of white sheers

  3. Guest7403
    There is a nice places ttucked in the jungle (yes there still is) of Kuala Lumpur. The place is called Decanter. The address is 7, Jalan Setia Kasih 5, Bukit Damansara. Tel: 03-20952507. They serve local and western delight.
  4. Guest9074
    try SHOOK! at starhill there...not so romantic la..

    but if you are looking for great continental dining in a delightful setting, look no further. The interior is sophisticated with the stylish use of wood from the flooring to the dining sets. The huge glass windows add a cheery brightness to the place.

    Steak and oysters are part of the comprehensive menu. Two notable favourites are the juicy New Zealand Tenderloin Grilled Steak and succulent Sliced Salmon with Spicy Sauce. A commendable choice of wines is available to accompany your meal.(at Monte's restaurant and wine bar)
  5. Guest3568
    Try "Chalet" at Equatorial Hotel.
  6. Guest3757
    KL tower. enjoy you food and KL night view with some slow music.
  7. Guest3963
    A truly romatic dinner and nice ambiance would be Villa Danielli Sheraton Imperial italian restaurant.

    For nice dozens of oysters and the most tender steaks in town i would suggest Flam Restaurant Bangsar (facing houses, near post office). Cozy and romantic ambiance.

    If u are into Grilled Cod, i would love to suggest u Qba Westin Hotel. Romantic..No loud music.
  8. Guest3898
    any 5 stars mandarin oriental.regent,its lovely at regent.
  9. Guest3458
    If you like Italian, my favorite is Avanti in Sunway Lagoon Resort hotel. You will be entertained with singing waiters as you stare lovingly in your lover's eyes.
  10. Guest1816
    top hats in jalan kia peng

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