Where is the battery on the 2004 touareg?

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I have Touareg 2004 model. I tried to find its battery but unable to locate. Could you please tell where is it located in theTouareg 2004. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    It is always difficult to repair your old fashioned car  in your own garage. It is necessary for you to have all the tool kits and knowledge about repairing that particular model. Otherwise ,it is not possible for you to fix your car yourself. Replacing the battery of
    Batteries of the car are usually placed under the hood of the car. It is quite lengthy process but if you have done it before it. It will be easier for you. I will suggest you to visit car electrician from changing your battery rather creating mess for yourself at home. But in WV Touareg, Battery is placed under your front seat. To replace you need to replace your seat, carpet and wiring cable as well. After removing all these things you can change your dead battery with new one. Now you need to follow the steps given below:

    Now remove the cover of the battery ten remove the battery vent hose.
    You also have to remove the Positive and Negative terminals from the battery.
    To release the battery from its mouth, you need to use a small socket, easily available in the market.
    To title battery on the side and fit on the car you have to hook up the two plastic handles on the battery.
    Place the new battery with precaution in the proper direction. Avoid plugging in it backwards.
    By using two bolts remount battery.
    Now fix the battery vent and tighten down the two cables of the battery cables.
    Place the battery cover back into its place.
    s***w the two 10 mm triple square bolts to the floor again.
    Place your bolt cover near the floor mats again.
    Install the seat back after covering the battery with its plastic cover. Now enjoy new battery. Good luck!

  2. Guest5819282
    Under the nearside front seat

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