EFI fuse location in the engine compartment fuse block located in Toyota corolla 2007 with a 1.8 litre engine.

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I have been using the Toyota Corolla 2007 Model, 1.8 valves having electronic fuel injection or EFI system. However, I would like to know that where exactly the EFI system located. As in case when some repair work is to be done I do not get cheated by the mechanics.

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  1. Harry

    For someone who has never driven the latest model of Toyota Corolla, it does become very difficult when the car has to go through with some repair work. Particularly, when it has to do something with the engine of the car, the owner has to be extremely careful. This is because there is a big possibility that the repair work could end up in doing more damage to the car mechanically and at the same time lot of money gets spend, resulting in absolutely nothing, both for the car and the owner. Now talking about that where exactly is the EFI fuse located in Toyota Corolla Model 2007, so there are two boxes.
    One is located under the hood, exactly on top of the left fender. The other one lies right under the dashboard to the left of the stirring wheel. It is very much difficult so as to get to that point. One has to lie on the floor and look up to see the fuses. The good thing is that both fuse blocks have pop-off lids with fuse identification printed on them.

  2. Guest5007606
    pop open the hood. on the right side of the bay you will find a sort of rectangle narrow black box. pop it open you will see all of the fuses. turn the lid around and it will show you where your efi 15A fuse is located. use the clips (provided) to pull out the fuse. if no luck your manuel will show you exactly

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