Fuel pump location in 1989 BMW 325i.

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I have my question regarding the 1989 BMW 325i. I have been using it from quite a while now. As I am a quite a new driver so I do not happen to have much information about some of its features from maintenance point of view. For this reason, I would want to know where I could be able to find the fuel pump in 1989 BMW 325i.

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  1. Harry

     The BMW E30 was a compact executive car produced by BMW. It was the successor of the BMW E21 in 1982 and was replaced by the BMW E36 in 1990. BMW continued to produce the cabriolet (convertible) E30 well into 1993. The Touring remained in production until 1994 when the E36 touring replaced it. The M3 cabriolet was never officially offered for sale in North America; it was offered only for the European market. It was first introduced on the E30 platform. A widened version of the E30 front suspension and the drive train from the E30 325i were used in the BMW Z1 roadster. The E30 3-Series was produced in four body styles, a four door saloon, a two door saloon, a five door estate (popular as the Touring), and a two door convertible. A Baur cabrio was also available. The 325ix was produced from 1988 to 1991, and featured all-wheel drive. It was available as a two-door -coupé- or a four-door -sedan- and as touring. The fuel pump for the 325i is located under the back seat on the right side. It requires special tools are needed to remove the fuel pump from the tank.

  2. Guest5740065
    remove the back seat. you will see the fuel pump on the right side. (passenger side) special tools are needed to remove the fuel pump from the tank. its a saddle tank. good luck.

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