Where is Eltham Palace located in UK?

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I am planning to visit Eltham Palace in United Kingdom. What are some good features of this Palace.

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    Eltham Palace was first inhabited as a royal residence in 1311 by King Edward II, As nearby Greenwich Palace came into vogue during the Tudor period, Eltham was left unused and virtually derelict by 1828. The Great Hall eventually being utilised as a barn and cowshed. It was rescued by the Courtauld family in the 1930's, lavishly restored and extended, to provide a unique and unlikely combination of the medieval and Art Deco. Of the original palace the Great Wall has a hammerbeam roof which shows its uniqueness. Stephen and Virginia Courtauld created a spectacular deco house for entertaining. They incorporated the Great Hall into their design and they utilize the excellent features in the hall as a music room.

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