Where does cheryl cole live?

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Where does cheryl cole live? I have been looking for it for days now?

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  1. Guest23093673

     okkayy who ever thinks that they are cheryl coles number one fan then there all wrong becase im ittt xx  im going to an audition to dance for her video so iv met her and she lives in los angeleas i dont know where but she does i  know her phone number aswell she gave it me and i gave mine to her when i went for an audition so she can phone me if i get the part or not, i think i will im a premier champ in dance and im a proffesional dancerrrr so everyone go suck ya dads butt cheekk and your mums f***y crack :Lx

  2. Guest23093157

    all ofyou people smell now tell me where cheryl cole lives

  3. Guest22819737

    were dos cheryl cole live i am doing my home work one of my questions are find out were cheryl cole lives?

  4. Guest22812837

     Shes my GirlFriend ;)


    And you all need a life.. This was suggested by my friend .. Shes my baby :P

  5. Guest22797815

    i think she has a BIG ego but her songs are okay. :-P

  6. Guest22713944




  7. Guest22694467

    the person who sed she lives 3 doors down from you do you think we are stupid ? you must have searched the question and if you really did live 3 doors down you would know that !! GET A LIFE and STOP LIEING

  8. Guest22672098

     she used to live in surrey but now she lives in LA to live with her mum

  9. Guest22628197

    Cheryl cole lives in victoria , London   ~ ~  ;)) haha' joke
    Urm now she lives in LA , before she used to live in surrey
    but she moved to America :) with her mum x
    Arwww x we're goingg to miss chezzaa ♥ lotz
    She'z my hero too :)) !!x love you cheryl cole :D
    Big fan x


  10. Guest22622066

    she lives in luton :L

  11. Guest22608007

     i really want to meet cheryl cole she is amazing and i have always wanted to see her!! xx :)

  12. Guest22585335

    I've met her andhad company time with her she lives in los angeles.

  13. Guest22579112

    I dont know ehere she lives but I reallllyyyyy want to meet herrr :DDDDDDD

  14. Guest22579112

    I dont know ehere she lives but I reallllyyyyy want to meet herrr :DDDDDDD

  15. Guest22569859

    she lives in surry she is my hero I LOVE U CHEZZA

  16. Guest22462282

    Cheryl cole is one of the famous people in the whole world but if you want to be like her this is what you need to do.

    1: Video your self singing and post it on youtube.

    2:Go to a  famous concert with famous people singing and ask them if they can hear you sing right in front of the stage.( when the concert had finnished.)

    3: Well if you do become famous think there will be paparates in front of your house day and night you would have to go to a diffrent school with famous people and they might feel bad that they left their old school so they might take it out on you.


    thats how to become famous. :)

    by Mariam



  17. Guest22449232

    I want to be cheryl cole, so i can be as beautful as her and buy lush clothes.


  18. Guest22438012


  19. Guest22367261

     She Lives In My House ;) BONE

  20. Guest22248293

    Cheryl Cole lives in Shackleford Surrey which is more near Milford than Godalming, I know because I live near her in Farncombe which is about 10 minutes away from my house, I know its hers and Ashleys house becuase the press vans and cars are always outside it!

  21. Guest22182936

    she lives at 40 lapwing close , blyth, england



  22. Guest21789675

    she lives in my house and i bone her all the time :)

  23. Guest21772686

    i dont know where she lives but shes my hero

  24. Guest21545229
    She lives just off the A3 near Hurtmore just south of Godalming in Surrey.
  25. Guest21535015
    I know she used to live in Newcastle, England when she was younger, but I don't know about now. I hope this could be of help :)
  26. Guest21474802
  27. Guest21433894
    i wanna meet her so bad u r so lucky to live 3 doors down from her!!!!!
  28. Guest21029900
    If She Only Lives 3 Doors Along From You Why Are You On Here Searching Fror Where Does Cheryl Cole Live Der I Aint Thick
  29. Guest20822644
    Cheryl and I have fallen out so we don't talk to each other now. Nadine x
  30. Guest20766379
    i live with her
  31. Guest20669525
    I Think She Lives In Surrey But I dont no that well! sorry :(
  32. Guest20442739
    i dont know where she lived but i can get her autograph and cd fro free and i can see her whenever i want
  33. Guest20373129
    Guest17996823 Does Cheryl Cole really live 3 doors down from you..if she does you are so lucky, and I cant actually believe you know her..have you spoken to her?? xx
  34. Guest18044040
    I would like to see Cheryl at her house because she is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Guest17996823
    She now lives in St Georges Hill 3 doors down from where I live. Here is a birds eye view of her house,-95.677068&sspn=39.184175,79.013672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Weybridge,+Surrey+KT13+9EE,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.359031,-0.442658&spn=0.000945,0.003433&t=h&z=19
  36. Guest12370215
    20 coverdale road

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