Where does Peck live today?

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I have watched some movies of actor Gregory Peck. I like his work. I have heard that he lives in France. Is he writing an autobiography?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Gregory Peck lives in Beverly Hills with his long-term wife (they've, in fact, lived in that same home for over thirty years now). His wife is from France, and they did maintain a villa there for quite awhile, but sold it several years ago.
    He had spoken of writing a book, but insisted that it didn't fall into the category of \"autobiography,\" likening it instead to the book of whimsical stories written by David Niven entitled, \"The Moon is a Balloon.\" However, although he did make a lot of notes, he hasn't completed the project. I don't know if the book will come to fruition or not. However, speaking as one who has heard most of his stories (some several times over), I do suggest that you keep an eye on the cable channel American Movie Classics for a two-hour-special which was co-produced by his daughter, Cecilia (along with award-winning documentary maker Barbara Kopple) entitled \"Conversations with Gregory Peck.\" This film not only chronicles the highlights of his one-man-show with which he toured the country for a couple of years, it also has some delightful moments of him with his family. I would imagine that the book he planned to write would contain almost identical material to what you'll see in this lovely tribute. It hasn't been released on VHS or DVD, but does appear on AMC and PBS fairly frequently.

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