Where do you find games like Habbo?

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Where do you find games like Habbo? Should I search online and if yes, where should I search, what is a good place to search for games?

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  1. liza amelia

    "Habbo" or "Habbo Hotel" is a social game where players control a hotel and its resources. You can talk to friends, make your own webpage, run your own hotel and perform many other related activities. Making your own game like "Habbo" takes a great understanding of a programming system. You must design the game, program the code, design the visuals and upload it online. This takes a careful understanding of many different aspects of the video game creation as well as Internet protocols. There are many free online game-making software tools, such as GameMaker and Garage Games.  

  2. btcstore34

    input this URL:

    ( )

    you can find many cheap and high stuff

    Believe you will love it.


  3. Guest27197744

     Hi, good news HABBOON will soon be up and running again

  4. bkdes

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  5. lsle45


  6. lsle87


  7. lsly99


  8. Guest24925919

    Just play a game like YoHabbo its better :)

  9. Guest24920528

    i know a fiew hotels. (u get banned for nothing though) (not bad but not good u  only get 50c ) and (its c**p but a good hotel for people) enjoy :)


  10. Guest23943609

     try habbok you get all the vip and hc clothes and you get 50 credits evryday for free and it is just 

    like habbo but kinda like a hacked vison and you start off with a 1000 credits

    it works 100 prcent

    hope i helped

  11. Guest23296598

      i want a different game where u hve all the HABBO stuff! p.s clubpenguins for noobs !

  12. Guest23227490

     dude stop saying any habbo games like habbok,forcehotel thats are hacker game stop doing that because its not working 

  13. Guest23158908


  14. Guest22776548

     you may go to my house and play

  15. Guest22791165

     Clan BZ

  16. Guest22785226






    habboh    (recommended)




    hab plus



    soem may have slight problems . i havnt checked them all:P


  17. Guest22785226

     is there a game like habbo with vip that u have to pay for just with creds and not real money?

    and please no swearing kids can see this

  18. Guest22731943

    let me tell u this , is the best ! its exactly looks the same as habbo hotel u start off with 5000 c !! its no lag ! and its fun !

  19. Guest22692374 for free habbo coins YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THE SITE is a habbo retro with WIRED FURNI AND OTHER LATEST FURNI



  20. Guest22680891

    you can visit site: or

  21. Guest22611349


  22. Guest22610305

    3d games

  23. Guest22576889 is the best retro. 2000 creds every hour, never dc's, stable website and exactly like habbo. constantly updating new furni and looks. best retroo tbh. 

  24. Guest22557839

     Tuely The Best retro Is It Gives You 2000 Credits Every Hour.

  25. Guest22532075

    I know 2 awesom games game #1 is 5000 credits free everyday and is a role play habbo both VERY fun :

  26. Guest22513771

    people who are callin us b*****s GO GET A LIFE OK cuz we like those games ur just fucked up basterd OK !!

  27. Guest22491830

    Yall man mean shut up and give the f*****g pll the aswer dont say grow up b*****s how about u grow up and GET THE f**k OUT OF HEAR U PERVERTS!!!!!!

  28. Guest22487078

    f*k u all

  29. Guest22465646

    THE BEST GAME IS......... SHIDONNI......AND ........MIGOLAND.

  30. Guest22462491

     @Guest22418489 Actually blahhotel sucks monkey balls bcuz now it dc every 5 seconds andi gives like 100c every 15 which it kinda  sucks.

  31. Guest22455915

    com onnnnnnnn stop guving me baby games giv me cool games i checked all and they are boring play its the best you get free cridits every sec and i am super rich you can also make a mansion i hav my own money room if you want money add me at habboon my name is asil10star

  32. Guest22453969


  33. Guest22451276

    alll of the games suck com on guys play habboon its the bes you get free cridits everysecond and you can be a vip i a second and youcan be the richest in habboon i am super rich and if you want money add me at habboon my name is asil10star

  34. Guest22448936

    do any of thes games have viruses


  35. Guest22447382

    try somalihabbo you get 45000 to start it is soo cool there is more than 4000 people online everyday you can find a job buy a car and feel like its reel try it and ask my add if u need to

  36. Guest22445015

    suck it bitchess...

  37. Guest22440056

    these are some virtual games like habbo :

  38. Guest22439201

    Binweevils is a great game im on it u get 1000 mulch and then 2000


  39. Guest22438920

    g*y boy u need to fix up u no

  40. Guest22418489

     Heyy! why dont you just play it never dc or crash... Ps u get 500 creds each 15 min!

  41. Guest22399429

    go on migoland


  42. Guest22392449

    One of the best Habbo Retro's is  This game is updated often, good catalouge. No crashes. You start with 500c but every 3 hours you get topped up so you are always at 3000c. I've been playing for a long time and I love it.

  43. Guest22371229

    play grand fantasia it kool i like it start now go go go !

  44. Guest22349859

    woozworld for 6-10 on woozworld they will addicted to it club penguin 5-9 not addicted

  45. Guest22345983

     wie nl is een spel

  46. Guest22307989

    sanints row 2 bitchssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  47. Guest22146289

    TELL ME GAME LIKE HABBO AND MIGO LAND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   if u do ill  be vary happy <3


  48. Guest21873576

    If you want a game like habbo just play habbo?!?!?! Don't try any of the derivitations of it they crash all the time, have an very old version, very few people. I am also trying to find a good habbo substitute (i was banned from habbo) and I have yet to find a game with the same game design (furniture placement and game setup). Please email me if you find a GOOD substitute (not habbok or any game like it). Some games i've tryed are gaia, Puzzle pirates, Fiesta and games like it, runescape, Club penguin, Neopets, Maple story. (Please only games similar in game structure to habbo and no text based games)

  49. Guest21866822

    best game ever is


     GROW UP b*****s

  50. Guest21719769

     try this person doesnt want a retro he/she wants a site that is a game like habbo you noobs!

  51. Guest21670643

    HC In Habbok is not free u still gotta buy it 

  52. Guest21669842

    HABBOK HC is not free u gotta buy it 

  53. Guest21586704

    tryyy a habbo retro ;D

  54. Guest21501561
    (my list of games) marapets zwinky dragon tarvern last chaos AQW travlan progect fate sociatown bobbalogge boombang neopets dragonfable mechquest weeworld forcehotel free realms migoland gaia online ourworld IMVU openhotel edhotel supersecret myspace vivaty secondlife powerpets
  55. Guest20916412
    stop being noobs and stop playing crappy games. GROW UP! hang out with friends. Hang out with yo gf or bf. Stop wasting your time like a Fuked up NOOB!
  56. Guest20874986
    can some onw tell me all the habbo games
  57. Guest20616069
  58. Guest20614338 . Its a free flash game :)
  59. Guest20578682
    club penguin is good for any age!
  60. Guest20261722
    a good 1 is force hotel. its habbo but it was the version b4 they called it habbo. its betr though cozz u start with 30 000 credits and ther is more things in the catalouge 2 buy and ther chepr
  61. Guest20256629
    omg g*y games but 1 is good habbo lol
  62. Guest20085565
    first of all its habbo not habbok
  63. Guest20002839
    Free realms Migoland Facebook
  64. Guest19847495
  65. Guest19799428
    All games said so far are for g**s
  66. Guest19780720
    On habbok theres no secuity number to write in don't go on it.
  67. Guest19670127
    Some games like habbo are: Gaia Online, Habbok, OurWorld, Club Penguin, IMVU (more adult than them all) I am sorry if some are abit baby-like but I think you may be too old for these role-play games, i'm thirteen and i'm still pleased by most of these! For the people who want to know where to find stuff like this search keywords like this into Google: Games like habbo, Games to play when bored, Chat games, Role-play games Etc....
  68. Guest19654131
    i got banned frm habbo so i need one like dat with a radio station and all dat ok??? Nd it cant hav da word habbo in it!!!!!
  69. Guest19636901
    OMG ..................... RUNESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  70. Guest19628893
    Uhh...Well: Its a v40+ hotel and you get 3000C every 3hrs for free.
  71. Guest19554574
    where can i fiND A GAME LIKE HABBO?
  72. Guest19505456
  73. AJ
    First things to know : Habbok and habbteen were made by the same person. habbteen isnt as active but Habbok is . I highly recommend Habbok because they are very serous in there work . they have experience such as scripting . And habbok already Has a fansite so stay there :) ALSO do not go here : Forcehotel : They ask for ur credit card when its being run by 15 year olds.. and its gonna go down soon trust me :) Open hotel : they are hacked just stay out of there if you want go to its like ahbbok but is run by one the staff members of habbok.VERY GOOD The person who runs it (Connor) is very good in fact he can take down a webstie in less then 15 seconds ... he did that to force- u see hw weak they are- so go there
  74. Guest18849055
    Search Habbo retros in google and go to one of the lists u get money when u start play.. It is awesome
  75. Guest18836270
    I found a game called its really cool, you make your own bug (i know it sounds weird but believe me its fun) and you can communicate with other bugs and decorate your house ect. Me and my bestie really like it ;)
  76. Guest18117519
    what the heck you people think you are giving me your giving me rubbish one i'm only getting too much older one like 18 like face book and to young ones like moshy monstors
  77. Guest18092404
    THIS IS MY LIST OF GAMES!!! Runescape Club Penguin Open Hotel EdHotel SuperSecret Miniclip Addicting Games Facebook MySpace CrazyMonkeyGames Panfu Chobots Vivaty Second Life Power Pets Mara Pets Zwinky Dragon Tavern Last Chaos AQW Adventure Quest Travlan Project Powder Fate Socia Town
  78. Guest18092404
    THIS IS MY LIST OF GAMES!!! Runescape Club Penguin Open Hotel EdHotel SuperSecret Miniclip Addicting Games Facebook MySpace CrazyMonkeyGames Panfu Chobots Vivaty Second Life Power Pets Mara Pets Zwinky Dragon Tavern Last Chaos AQW Adventure Quest Travlan Project Powder Fate Socia Town
  79. Guest18045486
    these are like them moshi monsters club peugin panfu millsberry
  80. Guest17857148
    At "pearlgames"
  81. Guest17843645
  82. Guest17734504
    there are so much and i know lots but not that many force hotel club penguin chobots supersecret runescape ourworld vivaty second life open hotel socia town bobbalodge ( you get 2200coins when you register whenever you long on you get 100coins ) boombang
  83. Guest17717463
    some of U are abusing me and other 5-11 year olds U s**t
  84. Guest17706161
    Habbok rules
  85. Guest17256523
    Some games just like Habbo are: Fate Gaia online Some more games: (but only fun if you were 7-9 yrs old) Maplestory Neopets Club Penguin Marapets DragonFable MechQuest Cool sites with games: I personally recommend Facebook, Fate, or'cause they are much more fun:)
  86. Guest17256523
    Some games just like Habbo are: Fate Gaia online Some more games: (but only fun if you were 7-9 yrs old) Maplestory Neopets Club Penguin Marapets DragonFable MechQuest Cool sites with games: I personally recommend Facebook, Fate, or'cause they are much more fun:)
  87. Guest16655798
    theres like millions of games buh heres a few - theres membership you can buy (really gr8e game) - you can also buy membership for that - i don't really recommend it (it woul be fun for 6-8 yr olds) - you have to be 13 to join but if your parent allows you just type in your 13 - mini games you can play - also mini games - is a place where you write what you think and find your friends - you have to be 13 to join you can find your friendss upload pics and play cool games - you have to be 18 but it's the same type of thing a s facebook hope i helped1
  88. Guest16561858
    i nkow lots of games like habbo just add me as friend on hotmail my email is one is soap hotel
  89. Guest16416739
    are u kidding the best game like habbo is exactly the same just its just a change u start with 15000c like i did and its really fun im a member dont try yet were adding new members thats if u cant log on :)
  90. Guest16142339
    habbzone is a scam sadly but there are lots fo games out there the important thing is not to get addicted however u should also be really careful when putting in details.
  91. Guest15610277
    i always recommend the best of all i tried it.
  92. Guest15165265
    Games like habbo. . . mhhhm, Maybe its a PHPretro, v26 8k starting creds, 200-300users a day, Also, games like runescape: sliabclient, go on youtube and search: silab servers, u get lots, go onto silab, user: pass: server: and bam, a retro runescape! but i highly recommend
  93. Guest15114761
    why i cannot enter edhotel?
  94. Guest15082122
  95. Guest14733463
    these are mostly scam sites for habbo. dont bother going to any with the word hotel in them. waste of time. they will just steal your accounts. this is rediculous. good luck
  96. Guest14664662 is a cool games its good u get to meet loads of people
  97. Guest14538563
    how bout dizzywood and toontown but i do not recomend toontown as it seriously mucks up computers as you have to download it
  98. Guest14413733
    you can go to its 15000 credits its sure is alot phew c'mnon have fun there :D
  99. Guest14349821
    where can i find the games like habbo?
  100. Guest14068710
    theres a game called habblite and openhotel and habbz um...runescape is fun 2 so is habbteen and sherwood so yeagh
  101. Guest13909094
    Habbok SUCKS!!!
  102. Guest12903807
    u can go on this game called somat like maypuls u get married have kids get a job earn money its so cool
  103. Guest12148606
  104. Guest12071178
    yeah go to or or
  105. Guest11916629
    rune spape super secret
  106. Guest11867403
    in the internet dhaa!
  107. Guest11433472
    Habbo teen
  108. Guest11077890
    pls show me game tht like habbo
  109. Guest10965406
    you kan play or imvu
  110. Guest10854644
    you dont get 2500 coins and when you log in you dont get 500 coins
  111. Guest10541142
    well lemme tell you this, was made by a teen or so and its like habbo but wants you to buy coins to be HC in habbok HC IS FREE AND YOU GET 2500 COINS. AND EVERYDAY YOU LOG ON YOU GET 500 COINS SO..

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