Where do I send a new Sharp watch for repair?

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Where do I send a new Sharp watch for repair?

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  1. Guest19823356
    I just bought a Sharp watch. According to the info on their warranty, you MUST send the watch ONLY to "M.Z. Berger & Co, Inc/Service center" Must send $7 by check or money order(covers only "handling, packing, insurance and return postage"). After receipt of the watch, they will let you know the cost of repair. Then you fax your credit card info to them and they proceed with the repair. The watch must be shipped to: M.Z. Berger & Co., Inc/Service Center; 29-76 Northern Blvd.; Long Island City, NY 11101. You must, of course, include your name, address, phone. They expressly state that you do NOT return the watch in the original box it came in AND it should be shipped in a way that the shipping is traceable.

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