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I have a question regarding sending an e-mail message to the legendary singer and song writer, Barry Manilow. If I would like to write or send an email to Barry Manilow, but I do not know if you can find it in your heart to give me an address where I can write to him.

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  1. Guest28431986

    Dear Mr. Manilow-

    I have been a fan since I was small. I read the article that recently appeared in PEOPLE Magazine, in which you disclosed the fact that you are g*y and live with a male partner. I, for one, am happy for you, that after all of these years, you were able to give voice to that, and, more importantly, that you are happy. Your music has been an outlet to me for most of my life- I am 50 years old- my 42 year old niece was named, "Amanda(Mandy)" because of the song that you sing. I am sorry that you felt that you had to hide this part of yourself from the public and your fans. It doesn't make a difference to me- I just love your music. I hope that you are at peace with having come forward. I think that anyone who truly loves your music won't let anything anyone has to say get in the way of his or her love for the great music that you have made a part of our lives for so many years. Thank you for the gift of music that you have shared with the world. Respectfully submitted, Caroline B. Wilks, Cresson, Pennsylvania

  2. Guest28431474


     Hello, Barry.  I am looking for a recording you did entitled "Holding Out For You".  I heard it several years ago, I think you had described the song as unpublised.  I loved it. 

      Leslie Nay Salas, joyful listener since the 70's...still believes Could It Be Magic sweeps me off my feet.... ever single time.  You said it all in that Magical stroke of genius.

    It saddens me that none of the women you loved and/or married were courageous enough to go on your life's journey with you.  It is a shame that women aren't as strong nor encouraging to their sweet men.


    If you can get your hands on 'Holdin' Out For You, I will really, really, appreciate it!  

    Thank You...God Bless







  3. Harry
    If you wish to send an e-mail or any message to Barry Manilow, it should be sent in care of the BMIFC which stands for Barry Manilow International Fan Club, the best place to send letters to Barry. As for if Barry, he will respond to any letter that is really very difficult to answer. However, his management does read these letters and they do pass along letters and correspondence to Barry that they think he needs to see or personally respond to. As far as meeting Barry, most people have met Barry and have done so by chance, or they have met him at a record or book signing or a BMIFC event. It is suggested that you do join the BMIFC as it does have events from time to time, you might have a better chance of meeting Barry at such an event. Besides, as far s his tours and concerts are concerned there is nothing confirmed about this as yet considering that Barry has a very busy schedule. However, if you keep visiting the website, on regular basis, any such information will be updated there.

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