Where can you find the story of Tinker of Toledo?

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I have my question regarding the story Tinker of Toledo. I have heard a lot about this story and I happen to have plans of buying it. For this reason I want to know that how and where I can find the story Tinker of Toledo?

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  1. Harry

     The story of Tinker of Toledo is written by Nellie Mccaslin. It is basically a dramatic adaptation of a Spanish legend in which the tinker Pedro braves a haunted castle on All Hallows Eve. Tinkers are Irish nomadic people. They are called tinkers because they traditionally mended and sold kitchen pots and pans for a living, they were seen on the bottom rung of the social ladder- like most gypsy type people. Besides, they usually lived in caravans in small groups on the outskirts of towns and would sometimes run out of towns. Traditionally, tinker people had horses and old wooden wagons, but now have big cars that tow aluminum caravans. However, the term 'tinker' has been used for anyone who makes their living out of mending or selling kitchen pans. In order to find the story book names Tinker of Toledo there are some very simple methods. The one which is probably the most common is to visit a nearest bookstall, a depot or a library and ask for the availability of the book. If the book is not available then the only option left is to search for the book on, and there is a possibility that the book would be available there.

  2. Guest5770313
    hello po! alam nyo po ba kung saan nakikita ang istoryang "the tinker of toledo"? p**i alam na lang po sa akin ha. thank you po!

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