Where can i watch/download h2o just add water season 3?

by Guest15481522  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Hey everyone!
I am so upset because i really want to get episodes 11 and up.
I already have the others, episodes 10 and below, but i have an addiction to watching h2o because it is my most favourite show. i hav tried googling it for the last 5 weeks, and still have found absoulutly nothing.
I carnt believe they havent put anything up on the web yet, as it was aired on 19th december!!! Please, please help me coz really wanna find out. thankyou,
Anna xx

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  1. Guest16591141
    you can go to megaviedo it has the whole season s of 1 and 2 and they have to episode 13 in season 3

  2. Guest16225589
    Hey! you can watch them on youtube in parts. Just type in "h2o just add water season 3 episode 11" and loads of things will come up! Hope this helps!

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