Where can i get a round up of all the weekends boxing?

by Gareth Williams  |  11 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Well right here my friend!

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Check out all the weekend results from boxing shows around the UK Sunday, November 22 Location Sheffield, England light heavyweight Hastings Rasani w pts 6 Billy Boyle heavyweight Dave Howe w ko 2 Chris Woollas light heavyweight Carl Wild w pts 6 Adam Wilcox bantamweight Ross Burkinshaw w tko 4 Anwar Alfadi middleweight Wayne Reed w pts 4 Hamed Jamali Friday, November 20 Location Belfast, Northern Ireland bantamweight Alexei Acosta w tko 2 Sean Hughes super middleweight JJ McDonagh w tko 1 Jevgenijs Kiselevs super featherweight Michael Divine w tko 2 Michael Harvey welterweight Gavin Putney w tko 4 Niall Diamond middleweight Paddy McDonagh w pts 4 Grigor Sarohanian flyweight Luke Wilton w tko 1 Muharem Osmanov Friday, November 20 Location Nottingham, England European super bantamweight title Rendall Munroe w pts 12 Simone Maludrottu welterweight Scott Woolford w tko 6 Scott Haywood heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo w pts 6 Yavor Marinchev lightweight John Watson w pts 6 Youssef Al Hamidi welterweight Dale Miles w tko 2 Janis Chernouskis middleweight Tony Hill w pts 4 Matt Scriven welterweight Steve Jevons w pts 4 Vinny Woolford lightweight Leon Dean w pts 4 Sid Razak featherweight Scott Slater drew 4 Pavels Senkovs middleweight Erick Ochieng w pts 4 Prince David Davis Friday, November 20 Location Trowbridge, England super featherweight Liam Richards w pts 6 Steve Gethin welterweight Liam Power w pts 4 Gareth Heard welterweight Ben Wakeham w tko 2 Karl Taylor Friday, 20 November Location Newport, Wales light middleweight Geraint Harvey w tko 3 Tony Doherty light heavyweight Justyn Hugh w pts 6 James Tucker light heavyweight Hari Miles w pts 6 Nick Okoth light welterweight Ryan Evans w pts 4 Daniel Thorpe cruiserweight Lee Lewis w pts 4 Mark Lewis super middleweight Jeff Evans w pts 4 Jamie Ambler super middleweight Lee Churcher w pts 4 Lee Nicholson lightweight Lee Selby w pts 4 Jimmy Briggs Date November 20 Location Minnesota,USA Super-middleweight Caleb Truax w pts 10 Kerry Hope Welterweight Mohammed Kayongo w ko 3 James Todd

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