Where can i find the After market parts for Honda civic Reborn 2009?

by Guest22392288  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I have bought a new Honda civic reborn 2009 and want to modify its outlook by putting some after market parts like bumper kits and alloy whells. I am new to Islamabad market. can someone tell me the name of market where i can find After market parts for Honda civic?

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  1. Automobile Guru

    For bumper kits of Honda Civic Reborn 2009 you can go to G10 markaz and look for Naem autos and car modification. This guy makes bumper kits as per costumer choice and he is more reliable person in this. More you can go to Khada market G7 and look for Max torque, these guys can provide every after market part for civic and you can get imported parts as well.

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