Where can I register for the NAB Verified by Visa?

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I want to to register at National Australia Bank verified by service. Where can I register for the National Australia Bank Verified by Visa?

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  1. Banking Expert
    There are two easy ways to register for Verified by Visa: 1. You can register for the service at in the Credit Cards, Secure Online Shopping section. You will then be ready to shop online with an enhanced level of security with participating Verified by Visa retailers. 2. If you are not already registered for the service, you will be prompted to register at participating online retailers while you are in the process of making your purchase. Just follow the prompts, read the Terms and Conditions and complete registration. Once you have finished registering for the service, your purchase will be completed with the added level of security provided by the Verified by Visa service. Should you elect not to register at this time, you have the option of registering for the service at a later stage when shopping at participating online retailers.

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