Where can I get an Ipod Touch that's cheap and it's not onlinel

by Guest20275330  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I look for this, and it's always online! I would get it, but I don't trust that i'll actually get it from UPS. Does anyone know any stores?

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  1. Guest20297424
    Some places you can get the "online" price, and pick it up at the store. Choose "site to store" option when you check out. Walmart has a low online price for the 8gb ipod touch (~$177). Pay online, choose the site to store option, and pick it up at your local walmart when it comes in. Easy!

  2. Guest20275330
    I'd like it to be 16gb....but since the cheapest is 8gb, tell me how much it is for 8gb...thanks.

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