Where can I buy the DVD of A Dog Named Christmas?

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Where can I buy the DVD of A Dog Named Christmas?

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  1. Guest17029484
    I found the DVD of a dog named Christmas on

  2. Guest14414261
    Try the online store at Hallmark Hall of Fame. $19.99 plus $7.00 shipping
  3. Guest14294578
    Hallmark Gold Crown Stores are out of stock! ebay wants major bucks for it.
  4. Guest14049902
  5. Guest14045586
    I've looked at every Gold Crown store in the area none have it and most have not heard of it. The Hallmark add said it is availible in The Gold Crown stores. Hallmark has missed the mark.
  6. Guest14045208
    I am looking for A dog named Christmas... getting mad NOBODY has this dvd, and nobody will order it..( or they say they can't) any ideas where I can buy it?????
  7. Guest13972304
    Nope....have checked all of them in the area, IF they carry it, they were out of it immediately. Most got very few at all.
  8. Guest13896611
    at hallmark gold crown stores!

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