Where can I buy kaboom cereal?

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I really like kaboom cereal. Where can I buy kaboom cereal?

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  1. Mitchel

    Kaboom is a vitamin fortified, circus-themed breakfast cereal containing fruity-flavored corn cereal bits, these cereals are  shaped after smiling clown faces and marshmallow bears, lions, elephants, and stars. Kaboom cereals is priced at $5.9 and is available for sale through this online

  2. Guest22351538

    yes KABOOMS are real yellow box with the clown.

  3. Guest20650966
    I was buying it up until a month or so ago from Win Dixie but I have searched all the stores in my town and they don't have it.........if I find more I will let you know and I will buy everybox on the shelf
  4. Guest20408350
    There doesn't appear to be any place that you can actually get Kaboom cereal anymore. However, for all of you that are stating that the cereal is a fake. It is not. It was an actual cereal, it came in a yellow box and had a clown on the front. It was similar to a lucky charms type cereal but had colorful clowns and marshmallows.
  5. Guest20362362
    general mills discontinuted it but if you idiots do your research it is real. i ate it all the time until it got discontinued and i also called the company and told them how displeased i was with this action. you guys who have your attitudes need to do your research first.
  6. Guest19745430
    Sorry, General Mills discontinued producing Kaboom in 2009. I called the company looking for it as well. I did let the company know how displeased I was. And to all the morons that though Kaboom was fake, get a life.....
  7. Guest12277633
    Kaboom cereal is real morons. It's made by General Mills and was produced from the 70's to the 90's.
  8. Guest5125
    wait? wasnt that off the Amanda Show or somethinglike that? lol
  9. Guest9638
    the store
  10. Guest4406

    Never heard of the Amanda show but Kaboom cereal is real and nothing blows up!

    mommaof2: the links that kingphil13 gave you are good links. I already ordered mine from hometown favorites. I've been looking for that cereal for years and I can't wait to get it. Enjoy!

  11. Guest6468
    isnt that on the amanda show? its fake haha
  12. Guest2807
    uuuh hate to dissapoint ya but if your talking about the kind of cereal on amanda show ....its fake
  13. Guest4757

    see if these guys can help cheers

  14. Guest4920

    that was from the amanda show. every show, they have some sort of "advertisement" for a product (usually a food product) after amanda goes on stage the first time before any of the other sketches go up (except for penelope tate, amanda's number one fan please!)

    those things aren't real; they're sketches. you honestly think that they have kaboom cereal (where the cereal blows up your mouth), meatloaf cereal (it's not milk, it's gravy!), and popcorn pants (eww!)

    don't you understand a joke, man?!

  15. Guest795
    lol i sell you one.

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