Where can I buy Jaffa Cakes in USA ( who sells it in America ) ?

by Guest1173257  |  11 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Where to buy Jaffa Cakes ? - orange flavor chocolate treats

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  1. Guest23296720

    I had the same question but do they only sell them in adli's in certain places or certain states?

  2. Guest20374927
    Poppys Pantry sell them.
  3. Guest17848038
    I bought some in Aldi this week, they had orange and strawberry in stock.
  4. Guest17276359
    Our local Aldi's carries them.
  5. Guest17199220 carries Jaffa cakes and a variety of other stuff as well. Highly recommended.
  6. Guest1174381
    ahhhhhhhh, Jaffa cakes - my favorite. This site has them

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