When will interest not charged to my NAB credit card account?

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I want to know that when will interest stop being charged to my National Australia Bank credit card account? If someone knows about it please let me know about it.

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  1. Banking Expert
    Interest is charged to your account up until the full payment of the statement closing balance is received. Interest does not stop accumulating at the statement closing date it continues to aggregate from the statement closing date until the date that the closing balance is paid in full. While paying the card account in full by the payment due date will enable you to take advantage of the card’s interest free period (if applicable), a final interest charge will still appear on your next statement. This charge will relate to any outstanding balance that remained unpaid from the close of the previous statement period up until the date it is paid in full. If you then continue to pay the full balance by the payment due date on your account, each month, then no purchase interest will appear on future statements. Cash advances are charged interest at the applicable cash rate (as shown on your statement) from the date assigned to the cash transaction was made, until it is paid in full. There is no interest free period on cash advances.

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