When was the last time Kate Middleton spent her days of freedom?

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I am curious to know when was the last time Kate Middleton spent her last days of freedom in some busy urban area. I can understand what it really meant to be princes. But no one can ever forget golden moments of his/her free life. Do you have any idea about her last movement?

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  1. John

    Kings Road London was the last spot for Kate Middleton right before her auspicious wedding. When the sun was shining on her back and she was enjoy a windy day. It was a joyous day for the Lady, as she enjoyed the last moment of her absolute freedom. Everybody knows that what really it cost for an ordinary girl to become the future queen of England. And as a matter of fact Kate Middleton has to pay the same price in future. The media hype will never ever leave her alone.

    But still there is a lot more to come in her life. No doubt, she has to sacrifice some portion of her personal life but in return the lady must take the advantage of the royal title as well, which she has been designated. Really it is not so easy task to even dream of a person which is going to be the future king of England. The stylish Kate Middleton with her charismatic personality will definitely become then next queen of hearts, if I am not wrong. The world has already seen her sophisticated look on her royal wedding day.


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