When local police refused to enforce the court order from civil court , where can I turn?

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I had a girlfriend that let move in with Me, When I learned she had a drug problem and she refused to go to counseling, she refused the rehab and she refuse to move out, I got a restraining order along with the move out order to force her to leave. She preceded to hide from service for four days of my restraining order. Following this she came back late on the Fridaynight of a holiday weekend, fraudulent claim that I'd beat her up, and had the police arrest me. I spent four days in jail although no charges were ever pressed. I've never been detained let alone arrested in my life . While I was in jail, she came to my house with a moving van and clean the place out . Anything that wasn't taken was destroyed. She even took my dog! One is in jail she also filed a restraining order against me claiming my h**l sister address so I could even go back to my house when I got out of jail. When we appeared in court for these restraining orders it came out that she had fraudulently made the whole thing up the restraining order against me was thrown out, and mine granted against her for the next three years. I also have received two court orders directing her to return personal property to me, (including my dog) Both of which she has refused to comply with . The local police are refusing to help in any way and say it's not they're job to enforce a civil court order!I've spent thousands on an Atty. Since Pauline might ritual quarter week prior to her fraudulent one. Since then I've been arrested, my house has been robed, and my dog has been stolen. Those are the three things that I'd ask for protection for in my restraining order. Where can I turn for justice!!!

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