When is the latest model of Toyota Mark 2 released?

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I am looking to buy latest model of Toyota Mark 2, what are the specifications of the latest model, can you tell me about its latest version, is it worth to buy the new Toyota mark 2?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The Toyota Mark 2 is an old model of Toyota which is used for many decades. Its first series is named as Toyota Corona Mark 2 and it was first introduced in the year 1968. Toyota was well known at that time for small , economy car manufacturer and the Mark 2 allowed Toyota to establish itself as an International automaker and brand. The Mark 2 also introduced the world to the comfortable front engine, the rear drive vehicle which was larger than the older Toyota while it also maintained the affordable price and better quality fuel economy than the vehicles which were with larger straight 6 and V8 engines.
    The Mark 2 became very popular with the drivers all around the world. Toyota introduced different variations of Mark 2 with two different model names, both the sedans have quite different styling and marketing approaches. The Mark 2’s popularity increased in the 1980’s. The Mark 2 was available with the engines which range from a 1.8 litre straight 4 cylinder to the turbocharged 2.5 litre as it produced the 280 horsepower. The latest and last generation of Mark 2 had several technologies for Toyota. It has the new 2.5 L with the designation of 1JZ-FSE that is the first application of Direct Injection for the mass production on the Toyota passenger vehicle.

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