When is the TRB exam in TamilNadu?

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Teachers Recruitment Board,Tamilnadu, Tuticorin

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    Hi, Coimbatore: The Teachers Recruitment Board has announced the sixteen centres where it proposes to conduct its examination for recruitment of B. Ed assistants. As many as 5,156 candidates will attend the exam on November 5. Candidates can write the exams in English, Telugu or Malayalam languages. Following are the examination centres: For Tamil candidates - Shri KK Naidu High School and R.K. Shrirangammal High School. English - C.S.I. High School. Mathematics candidates will have three centres - Suburban High School, C.S.I. Boys High School and Government Girls High School ; Those having both Physics and Chemistry - P.S.G.G. Kanyagurukulam High School; Those having both Botany and Zoology - Corporation High School. Chemistry - P.S.G. Sarvajana High School and Shree Gopal Naidu High School ; Physics - Presentation Convent ; Zoology - Mani High School and Saint Michael High School; History - Devanga High School ; Geology - Shri D. Padmavathi Higher Secondary School. Eight visually challenged candidates will write exams in brail.

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