When girl kick or punch men's testicles?

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I just want to have some idea about stage when girl kick or punch mans testicles. Is this technique good for self defence used by many girls. Please tell?

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  1. Guest25026270

    I had a man pull me into some bushes at a college at night.  When i got the chance i kicked him real hard in the balls.  I used to do a lot of sports and speed skating plus i grew up with 4 brothers so i know all about balls and where they are.  He kept pulling me even after the kick but eventually let me go, I ran.  Got the cops to come back to the bushes and he was still there curled up and writhing on the ground in extreme pain.  I said to myself well I got em.  The cops said I ruptured both testicles with my kick and he nearly died from it.  I did not mean to ruin his balls but I was scared so I kicked as hard as I could with the top of my foot.  I could not miss the way he was standing.  Some guys don't realize how easy a target they are.

  2. Duke

    The t******e is the male gonad in animals. Like the ovaries to which they are homologous, testes are constituents of both the reproductive scheme and the endocrine system. The prime purposes of the testes are to make sperm (spermatogenesis) and to make androgens, mainly testosterone. Both purposes of the t******e are leveraged by gonadotropic hormones made by the anterior pituitary. Luteinizing hormone (LH) outcomes in testosterone release. The occurrence of both testosterone and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is required to support spermatogenesis. Men’s testicles are unbelievably perceptive to even lightweight assaults or pressure,and that one time you have a grab on a man's testicles he is effectively paralysed by the agony & rather incapable to oppose you. I furthermore found out that it is really more productive to catch & compress just one t******e other than both organs and that if you compress hard for more than 20 secs or so he will really misplace conciousness. I don't believe most persons *enjoy* booting somebody in the groin. And it is not habitually the most productive way of halting somebody from striking you. You might desire to address alternate procedures of self-defense to add to a groin-strike arsenal. I believe it works and you have to add in the protecting against other blends of boots or punchs to make it more effective. Well, if you are a friend and have had them strike in class, any hit is unsafe to the reproductive capabilities down the line in life. Kicks, knees, hits, mallet fist, blade, hand rotates are all in the self protecting against repertoire for that locality of the body.

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