When do You Need to Replace New Bearing for Sand Maker

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When do You Need to Replace New Bearing for Sand Maker

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     Sand making machines field in the mining field, widely used in grinding technology recently, it can produce a lot of powder grinding, reduce the high cost of grinding the load. Sand making machine, which is aslo known as sand making plant, is widely applied in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, bauxite clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials such as hard, hard materials, finely.In the mechanism of building sand, stone and a variety of metallurgical slag is widely used in crushing, high production efficiency compared with other types of crusher. But do you know when you need to replance new bearing for your sand making plant?


    Your sand making machines' maintenance in sand making machinery is crucial for normal machine can lasting work, must be regularly let sand making machine get plenty of time to cease to rest. regular open the access door to observe impact type system sand machine downtime internal wear, replace worn parts in time, it is strictly prohibited to open the access door in the process of sand making machine work to observe internal situation, thank you for your cooperation. Found that the impeller body wear to find manufacturers repair timely replacement. In addition, drive triangle tape tension size should be adjusted properly, in order to ensure uniform triangle tape bearing, double motor drive, on both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped selection, make its every length as consistent as possible. What's more, sand making machines in the workplace should be appropriate to 400 hours to join grease, to 2000 hours at work is about to open the spindle assembly for cleaning, to 7200 hours at work will need to replace new bearing.

    From what I have said, I think that you may know that what time you need to replace new bearing for your sand making plant. In addition, hxjq is professional cone crusher manufactures and s***w classifiers suppliers, and China jaw crushers for sale, etc,. If you have any other question or have an interest on our product ,you can write to us:

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