When did the catholic St Matilda die?

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I am wondering for the details about when the catholic St Matilda died. Is there anyone who can help me by providing me sufficient details? Please help and thank you in advance.

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  1. Angelina

     The catholic St Matilda died in 968. Her feast day is March 14th.
    St. Mathilda was the female child of Theodoric, a Saxon Count. At an early age she was put in the monastery of Erfurt under the care of Maud, her grandmother. Here St. Mathilda wise needlework and came by the love of work, plea and religious reading. She stayed in the convent until her parents provided her in wedding ceremony, in 913, to Henry. He became Duke in 916 on the death of his dad, and in 919 he was selected to do well Conrad as King of Germany. The pious Queen adorned the throne by her numerous virtues. She travelled to and given solace the ill and the afflicted, instructed the ignorant, succored prisoners, and endeavored to alter sinners, and her married man concurred with her in her pious undertakings. After twenty-three years of wed life King Henry past away, in 936. No earlier had he expired than she had a Mass suggested up for the repose of his soul, and from that instant she renounced all experienced pomp. Of her three children, Otho afterward became Emperor, Henry was Duke of Bavaria, and St. Bruno edified the Church as Archbishop of Cologne. Otho became King of Germany in 937, and in 962 he was crested Emperor at Rome. In the challenge between her two children, Otho and Henry, for the crest which was discretionary, the Queen highly ranked the previous, a obvious error she expiated by large pain, for both these children subjected her to a long and fiendish persecution.

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