When Child Benefit may stop in United Kingdom?

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When Child Benefit may stop in United Kingdom?

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    Child Benefit stops when your child reaches 16, or 20 if they stayed in education or training - payments could stop earlier if your circumstances change. Child Benefit payments stop on the first of these dates following your child’s 16th or 20th birthday: . the last day of February . 31 May . 31 August . 30 November Payments may stop earlier if your circumstances change, eg your child: . leaves education or training . goes into care . goes into hospital or residential care . starts living with someone else If either of the following happens, your payments will stop straight away: . your child starts paid work for 24 hours a week or more . your child starts getting certain benefits, such as Income Support or Employment and Support Allowance, or tax credits in their own right You must tell the Child Benefit Office if either of these things happens.

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