Name of the movie about man receiving Lumberjack.

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Back in the 60s I remember watching a movie around the holidays for several years. The movie was about this man who I believe was a lumberjack, got married to a beautiful woman and had several children. The woman dies then the man dies leaving the oldest child who tries to keep the family together. He realizes he cant do it and has to find good homes for each of his brothers and sisters. The movie ends with the oldest boy walking away in the snow. Do you have any idea what the title is to this movie.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The movie that you asked for is “All Mine to Give”. The British title of the movie is “The Day They Gave Babies Away” which was released in the year 1957. It was melodrama film which castes actors like Glynis Johns, Cameron Mitchell and Rex Thompson. It is about a true story that happened in Wisconsin. Robert and Mamie Eunson who played the role of Cameron Mitchell and Glynis Johns are Scots who just landed in America in the year 1856. They were invited by their Mamies uncle. They arrive in the village of Eureka. The assistance is provided to the Eunsons by the friendly locals in reconstructing. The Eunsons are prospering and happy until Kirk was diagnosed with diphtheria. Other cast members of the movie include Ernest Truex who played the role of Doctor Delbert, Hope Emerson played the role of Mrs Pugmire. Sylvia Field played the role Lelia Delbert.

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