What's KRA, KPA and KPI?

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What's KRA, KPA and KPI?

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  1. Guest14437183
    I think KRA stands for Key Responsibilty Attributes. Please correct me if i am wrong... but this is what that has been taught to me..

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, 1.WHAT ARE KRA ---KPA --- KPI. Key Result Areas [KRA] “Key Result Areas” or KRAs refer to general areas of outcomes or outputs for which the department's role is responsible. A typical role targets three to five KRA. Value of KRAs. Identifying KRAs helps individuals: · Clarify their roles · Align their roles to the organisation’s business or strategic plan · Focus on results rather than activities · Communicate their role’s purposes to others · Set goals and objectives · Prioritize their activities, and therefore improve their time/work management · Make value-added decisions Description of KRAs Key result areas (KRAs) capture about 80% of the department's work role. The remainder of the role is usually devoted to areas of shared responsibility (e.g., helping team members, participating in activities for the good of the organisation). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS.[KPA] When the key results area is large, it is broken into manageable areas for managing/ evaluation. these sub-sections of KRAs are called KPA example KRA = RECRUITMENT/ SELECTION KPA 1= RECRUITMENT KPA 2 = SELECTION -------------------------------------------------------------- KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS [ KPi] To manage each KRA/ KPAs, a set of KPI are set . KRA and hence KPI is attributed to the department /INDIVIDUAL which can have effect on the business results and is self measured where applicable.

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