How do I look with braces?

by Guest7557  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I was just wondering if anyone knew a web site or something that shows you what you would look like with braces?

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  1. Guest22491829

    Just take a picture of yourself smiling and draw braces on yourself :]

  2. Guest5080
    Example 1.

    Example 2.

    Example 3.

    You can have different colors. I like blue or pink.
  3. Guest9963
    Even if you don't think you'll look good with braces, don't sweat it. Most kids get braces at some point and just think of how good your teeth will look once they're off! Plus most people don't need them for more than a year or two which goes by fast.
  4. Guest4816
    You will probably look better than you think. I thought I would look horrible with them but I actually looked cute, or that's what other people said.
  5. Guest7084
    You would look like this.
  6. Guest7852
    Haven't you ever seen them? I have them. They aren't that bad. It's not like what they say on the movies.
  7. Guest9028
    get one of ur pics and draw ur face with braces
  8. Guest9514
    u would look like u but with braces i would guess
  9. Guest1019

  10. Guest5360
    you really wont look that different.

    just be sure to take big swigs of water after eating so you wont be all gross, carry mints everywhere, and when asked what color rubber bands ask for all dark, the same color. dark blue works nice. it takes attention away and doesnt make your face look cluttered.
  11. Guest8808
    you'd have straighter teeth
  12. Guest1192
    you would look amazing...much more beautiful than now...
  13. Guest2715
    probably not that great, who really wants metal brackets and wires in their mouth. but they really are worth it if you have bad teeth-you look and feel amazing after. invisalign is great because they don't look like braces at all (they're wicked expensive, though)
  14. Guest343
    i dont think so but braces are fun
  15. Guest2966
  16. Guest4460
    If you're under 15, I think cute.

    I got them and everyone said they were so cute.

    They're better than you think.

    Get a color that matches your eyes.

    Unless your eyes are brown, then just go for something you like.
  17. Guest6308
    no, i don't think so.

    otherwise, just use your imagination to try to see what braces would look like on you. (:


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