What will a girl on a date probably say if she finds out I wear diapers?

by Guest21285854  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I'm 16 and I am bladder incontinent.
Would most girls my age dump me if they found out I wear diapers?

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  1. Guest21503231
    Yes she probably would, doesn’t mater what age they are they are all very superficial when it comes to that. I have been incontinent for years and trying to date, I never know when to tell them but when I do they cut me off. Women in general are very shallow, self centered, and vindictive. If you tell her she may tell everyone, and you will be a laughing stock of your school. If it was the other way around and she was asking this question, the girls would think your are anal if you refuse her. Be careful and good luck.

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