Conditions Elin Nordegren get in her divorce settlement.

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I think Elin Nordegren is going to get a good amount of money and property. I want to know what she is going to get altogether.Do you have any news about this? Can someone tell me some details about this? I would be really great full for this.

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    I was reading in the news that the wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Woods is going to get a huge amount of money as a divorce agreement. Then I search many news websites and according to Radar Online, Elin Nordegren, formerly Elin Woods, is overseen to receive a pretty nice lump of wealth out of this whole "Escalade-waitresses-p**n star" debacle that occurred to the seal golfer in the land virtually a year ago. Radar is saying that Elin will receive $110 million from Tiger after the papers are signed, a sum that has been tossed around ever since news beat that the couple would be splitting.
    Since nobody knows the real worth of Tiger Woods (Remember that story that floated around a year or so ago come seal Woods becoming the first athlete to beat the billion-dollar mark?), numerous discerned $110 million is a tiny low for Elin, stating she could have gotten more if she wanted.
    All I know about this news I have mentioned above. Hope I have answered your questions. If still you want more information then you can check it on internet in different news websites. Best of luck

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