What was the reason for Australia'a loss to India in the world cup 2011 quarter final?

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After giving a decent target of 261 runs, what was wrong with Australia's bowling that made the world cup 2011 quarter final slipped out of their hands?

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  1. Xpert

    well in my opinion the game was awsome but australia havent scored enough runs in last 10 overs. At least to win a match against big team you have to give a quite impressive total. 260 runs is an easily achievable score on indian pitches.

  2. ZZ

     Well the target was quite a decent if the match would have been held on England or Australia. Here in sub continent the scenario is totally different. 

    Here on these pitches the target should at-least be some thing near to 290 or 300. 
    Now having a look at the batting line up of India then one can easily say that the target of 300 would have not been enough.
    So things which make Australia loss match against India is that they lack specialized spinners in the team.  

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